Our award-winning design team delivers inspiring and detailed plans that bridge the gap between ideas, needs and your ultimate outdoor living space.

Our planning makes perfect.

Plants, gardens and patios. Walkways, outdoor kitchens and entranceways.  Pools, ponds and water features. Custom decks, fences and decorative carpentry. Matching decades of craftsmanship and knowledge with your wishes, our visionary design team will completely personalize your property according to what you want to see, how you want to use it and the way you want to feel whenever you do.  


sometimes all needOur design services give you more opportunities to create impressive spaces
Our landscape architects and designers empower you with experience, a wealth of creativity and extensive knowledge about design, horticulture, inert materials, symmetry, scale, environmental considerations, drainage, the natural evolution and aging of all the landscaping components - and much more.






creation insertPlan for success
Your Plantenance master landscape plan is more than an executable blueprint featuring scaled layouts and the names of all recommended plants and materials. It is an investment that is guaranteed to improve your end result, ensure synergy, maximize appeal, save you time, inspire confidence, clarify your expectations, establish your budget and help you to visualize and prioritize any multiphase enhancements to your landscape.  
As an added value, you will recoup a significant portion of the cost of your Plantenance landscape plan should you choose our creation teams to develop your project.

Take the first step towards an exceptional landscape by contacting us today.


The WOW factor. A lasting sense of pride and enjoyment. Increased property value. These are just some of the benefits of a landscape brought to life by Plantenance.

qualityUnrivalled craftsmanship, full value and no surprises
A quick stroll around your neighbourhood will show you that all landscape firms are not created equal.  It’s not easy to trust your home and hard-earned money to just any firm when you will have to live with results that ultimately reflect your lifestyle and their professionalism, creativity and quality of workmanship for years to come. Experts agree that a well crafted or quality landscaping can provide a return on investment up to 35%. But only if you do it right.




every day vacationMake a smart choice that you will be proud of
With Plantenance, there is no guesswork, worries, headaches or catches.  We deliver what we promise and make your priorities our own.  We do it once, do it right and stand behind our workmanship. We provide true A-Z project creation and can even help you to choose the ideal outdoor furnishings and accessories to compliment your new space and lifestyle. Even the smallest details of your project will reflect the immense amount of pride we take in our work.

Our sincere appreciation for your quality of life will be obvious in our impressive jobsite etiquette and the way that our creation team cares for your property, respects your neighbours and cleans up thoroughly at the end of every work day to minimize any inconvenience.  

Whenever you trust a professional with your landscape investment, you have a right to expect exceptional results, personalized service, reliability, respected schedules, full value, answers to your questions and absolute peace of mind. The Plantenance team delivers.

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While ensuring that your property always looks its very best, our garden care services protect your landscape investment and make the inside of your home jealous of the outside.

Protect your landscaping investment and feel great about it

Proud. Content. Thrilled. Impressed. Happy. Relaxed. Welcome. Regardless of which positive feelings your new landscape inspires, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy that experience all season long, year after year.

Landscape maintenance is much more than just pulling weeds and trimming plants. The requirements and appearance of your gardens, grounds and inorganic landscape materials continually change with age. Varying seasons, insects and unpredictable weather introduce new challenges that affect the look and health of your property. Every plant has distinct growth cycles and a potential that can only be realized with tender care, horticultural expertise and timely assistance.

gardenOur Private Gardener and Garden Coaching services are the best way to maintain a grateful garden

From spring opening though to winter closing, we ensure that your landscape thrives. Our comprehensive and worry-free Private Gardener & Horticultural Maintenance services enable you to effortlessly optimize your landscape, maximize your enjoyment of it and preserve its value for generations. Alternatively, our Garden Coaching & Consultation service can show you how to care for your garden yourself and extend its life using expert techniques in assessing plant needs, pruning, division, planning and executing maintenance and more.

Don’t trust your landscape investment to just anyone. It’s decidedly different at Plantenance. Contact us today discover why.